Open-Access RISO Membership

Open-Access RISO Membership


Congrats! You’re amongst the first Open-Access RISO Members in Cardiff.

We got ourselves a refurbished RISO EZ/570E model in November 2018 and now we’re stoked to be able to share it with you.

Its real simple - £60 all in gets you a basic induction, 100 copies and 6 masters. And you’ll receive a personal pin code which you can use to top-up copies/masters as you need them. Your access to the Riso would be anytime during our normal open times. There is no time limit on the membership, its basically your ticket in to use the Riso and from there its up to you when you come in to print. Top-up as you go. Cost to top up is £3 per master and 20p per copy.

Colours available (so far) : Blue, Fluorescent pink, Yellow and Black.

What colour should we get next Cardiff?

*Inductions take about an hour and we’ll be in touch by email to arrange a suitable date & time*

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