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Part 4/4 - Screenprinting Merch

£125 per person / Consecutive Tuesdays

Participants of this 4 week course will receive a 10% discount towards workshop membership.

A fun and rewarding course which is suitable for beginners and more experienced printers alike. Each week you'll come away with something new and learn all about the how-to's for making your own screenprinted merch! 

Posters / Postcards / T-shirts / Totes

These are the materials supplied on the day:

  • A choice of coloured papers and cards
  • 100% cotton t-shirts in a range of colours and sizes
  • 100% cotton / 140g/m² tote-bags
  • Choice or combination of digital and hand-drawn films
  • Water-based inks
  • Photo-stencil

You need to bring:

  • Something to inspire you - your favourite sketches, a swatch of that colour you really like, an example of the patterns you've been looking at lately.