how to become a MEMBER

All applicants go through the same joining process, this may be a little bit different from what you're used to. Depending on your experience, we ask prospective members to take either a test or practical training. This is just a way of making sure you're completely clued-up with the basics of screenprinting, so you can hit the ground running! 


Step 1

Answer a short questionnaire to assess your level of experience. Beginners go straight to practical training and experienced printers complete a practical test



Complete practical training, until you’re able to work independently. Training sessions are two hours long and are booked through appointment. 


Complete the practical test. We’ll ask you to produce an edition of single-colour screenprints, and then clean the screen afterwards. 



All applicants must then complete the workshop induction. Just so you know, it can take over two weeks to become a Printhaus member, and the number of training sessions required will depend entirely on each individual’s hands-on printing skills.